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Location scouting Marrakesh

Marrakesh is one of the most colorful and intriguing cities of Morocco. It is situated near the Atlas Mountains, Marrakesh has been used innumerable number of times by film makers as the location. It provides one with the opportunity to shoot in the Atlas Mountains, the ancient medinas and the traditional souks. The most famous films shot in Marrakesh include renowned works such as Series 2, Hideous Kinky, and Exorcist.


Morocco is providing the brilliant landscape opportunity which is unparalleled and unmatchable. The land is giving multi opportunities, whether show the true culture of Morocco or change the appearance to that of any other country. Movies like “Lawrence of Arabia” with Saudi Arabia as the setting, “Jesus of Nazareth” with Palestine as the setting, “The Man Who Would Be King” with India as the setting, “Kundun” with Tibet could not have been shot in any other country than Morocco. The diverse landscape further empowers a filmmaker to easily depict beaches, mountains, and deserts.

Planning to make a movie with the Arabian countries as the setting? The Sahara tract of Morocco is the perfect place for you offering you the pure Arab culture. The desert with camel caravans and endless sand dunes gives you the exact look of the Arabian Desert. Notable films shot in the Sahara tract include Lawrence of Arabia and Sahara.